For your freetime

Four à la carte restaurants, a coffee shop, a casino and a gelateria (ice cream shop) are available for you within the Platinia Shopping Center.

If you are fascinated by the Asian cuisine or you want to have a unique culinary experience, please feel free to enjoy the SAKURA restaurant’s delicious dishes – Asian Cuisine.

CHEF Baluyot Jefferson Andamo is a magician, who combines, in the most unexpected ways, the flavors of the far Asia, in order to transform each dish in a culinary masterpiece.

The AMAGUSTO restaurant, located within the Platinia Shopping Center brings Italy to downtown Cluj through the original ingredients, with the help of the Italian CHEF Mario Quinto, the traditional design, reinterpreted in a contemporary manner and, of course, the Italian hospitality.

The AMAGUSTO cuisine means more than a list of ingredients: it is a story telling of the culinary traditions of northern Italy, seasoned with CHEF Mario Quinto’s passion for cooking.

If you’d rather go for the traditional cuisine, Marty Plaza welcomes you with a diversified menu, which comprises not only classic comfort foods, but also specialties, while CHOP offers you a wide range of dishes for all grill lovers.

The Meron coffee shop invites you to enjoy its wide range of coffee assortments, which will surprise you due to their strong flavor and to the creativity of the unique combinations as well.

And if the homemade ice cream is the ingredient you need for a wonderful day, then Beldi is the perfect place for you. The authentic Italian flavors, as well as the new and special ones are waiting to be discovered.