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The premium services and the transformation of hospitality into art are the principles guiding us at the Platinia Hotel. We are a team of enthusiast, communicative, professional and guest-oriented people. We are looking forward to be able to say to you „Welcome!” to our hotel, where our passion of providing you a luxury experience is Platinia Hotel’s basic signature.

In order for your experience within the Platinia hotel to be a memorable one, we assure you that we have prepared all the details, so that you feel welcomed and spoiled.

The ”Welcome!” package

Ever since they arrive, the guests of the Platinia hotel are received with a ”Welcome!” package (water, tea, coffee), perfect for their extra relaxation following their travel.

The Concierge

Cluj-Napoca is one of the most beautiful cities of Romania. Therefore, we recommend you to explore the city during your stay at the Platinia hotel. We know all the details about the tourist attractions, the historical buildings, the events taking place in the city, the places to go out, the stores and the city’s attraction points. All you need to do is tell us what information you need and we it will be our pleasure to be able to provide it to you 24/7.

The Breakfast

The breakfast we offer to our guests at the Platinia hotel is the best way to start a day. The steaming coffee, the gourmet tea varieties or the warm milk will set you into motion, while the wide range of healthy dishes is perfect for all preferences.

The Room service

What could be more wonderful than the breakfast, the lunch or the dinner received by means of the room service, in the privacy of your suite at the Platinia hotel?

The private lunch or dinner

Are you preparing for a business meeting? Or do you simply want to have lunch or dinner in a private setting? At the Platinia hotel, we provide our guests with the proper spaces, which ensure the privacy of any meeting.

Having breakfast/lunch/dinner at AMAGUSTO and SAKURA restaurants

At the SAKURA restaurant, we share with our guests the secrets of some of the healthiest and full of flavor Asian cuisines: Japanese, Filipino, Thai, Chinese, Korean and Indian.

The AMAGUSTO Restaurant brings Italy to downtown Cluj by means of its original ingredients, its Italian CHEF Mario Quinto, its traditional design, reinterpreted in a contemporary manner and of course, its Italian hospitality. The AMAGUSTO cuisine means more than a list of ingredients: it is a story telling of the culinary traditions of northern Italy, seasoned with CHEF Mario Quinto’s cooking passion.

The access to the gym

As guests of the Platinia hotel, you have access to the modern gym located within the Platinia Shopping Center, eliminating thus any impediment preventing you from working out when you are not at home.

The Free Wireless Internet

Since a solid connection to the outside world is also based on a quality internet connection, at the Platinia hotel you may access for free the wireless internet provided both within the suites and in the hotel’s public spaces as well.

The laundry and cleaning services

We know that sometimes travelling can leave its mark on your clothes. As a guest of the Platinia hotel, we make sure that your clothes are impeccable due to the laundry and cleaning services we provide you.