AMAGUSTO Restaurant – Cucina Italiana

The Italian cuisine has strong roots in the history of Europe, being more than 2000 years old. The shape variety that the raw material acquires inside an Italian’s kitchen is infinite. There are tens of types of pizza, countless pasta and rice recipes and just as many types of cheese and wine varieties, as there are in France.

The AMAGUSTO Restaurant, located inside the Platinia Shopping Center, brings Italy to downtown Cluj by means of its original ingredients, its Italian CHEF Mario Quinto, its traditional design, reinterpreted in a contemporary manner and of course, its Italian hospitality. The AMAGUSTO cuisine means more than a list of ingredients: it is a story telling of the culinary traditions of northern Italy, seasoned with CHEF Mario Quinto’s cooking passion.

And since the tastes are to be debated while accompanied by friends or loved ones, at the AMAGUSTO restaurant, we welcome our guests providing them delicious dishes, Italian atmosphere and events for all tastes.

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